Fallout - Amstrad CPC

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Genre: Adventure: Text and Graphic

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Good Old Games Kills Fallout Series From Digital Catalogue News

After giving away the titles free of charge last year, it's time for GoG and Fallout to depart

03 Jan 2014

Fallout® Mmo Rights Restored To Bethesda Softworks® in Interplay Litigation Press Release

All Fallout® Intellectual Property Rights Belong Exclusively to Bethesda

10 Jan 2012

Licensing Fallout Continues: Interplay CEO Slams Bethesda News

Says Bethesda planning its own Fallout MMO.

02 Feb 2010

Bethesda Taking Legal Action on Fallout News

Suing Interplay

14 Sep 2009

Bethesda vs Interplay in Fallout MMO Fight! News

Legal proceedings on the horizon

16 Apr 2009

Fallout 3 Trailer Inside News

Out on PS3, 360 and PC Autumn 2008. Fall if you are American.

06 Jun 2007

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