More ‘Pachinko Destroying Gaming’ Gloom

SNK shift focus to ballbearing droppers.

Posted by Staff
King of Fighters
King of Fighters
Speaking to assembled press in Tokyo this morning, SNK Playmore director Koichi Sotoyama dealt a devastating blow to the insanely obsessive SNK fanbase, announcing a shift in company focus, away from gaming.

“We will begin using technologies and knowledge cultivated via games in the business of slot machines and pachinko,” stated Sotoyama. “We will develop our business in new areas in an attempt to become a more general entertainment company.”

Nothing wrong with that, you might say. In fact, it sounds rather good. But wait, the killer blow is yet to come. Sotoyama continues, “We will focus our core business activities from games to pachinko and slot machines. Slot machines will be predominant, as at present the slots industry is growing in size and profitability.”

Great. However, maybe the fans of King of Fighters and Metal Slug should think themselves lucky. At least they don’t have Sammy talking about creating third-world focused, 10 yen AtomisWave garbage out of their beloved company.


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