Bitmap Brothers bid for better business

Bringing them back in the black.

Posted by Staff
Bitmap Brothers bid for better business
Blair?s Britain is supposed to nurture small companies in a fiercely competitive global economy. Schemes like the government-backed ?Access to finance? initiative have been set up to lend these smaller businesses the kind of expertise normally associated with much larger companies. And so the UK games industry has begun to garner support, as long-time developers the Bitmap Brothers have been given access to the profiteering know-how of specialist business accelerators Pembridge. As the first such partnership, the success, or otherwise, of their business plan will be closely observed by other small development teams.

The overall effect of the initiative will be to allow the Bitmap Brothers to concentrate on what they have chosen to do - develop games. Meanwhile, Pembridge will make sure that the financial aspects are taken care of by a team of busy business specialists. With the long-awaited follow-up to the successful Speedball series in development, hopefully the reinforced Bitmap Brothers team will now be able to concentrate their efforts on making the game as great as fans demand. It will be up to Pembridge to cream the profit from the project.


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