Retro Romper Speedball 2 Heading to IOS

Kick ass... or rather ball

Posted by Staff
Much loved Bitmaps classic Speedball 2 is to get an incarnation on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch this very month.

Speedball 2: Evolution "has been developed by Vivid Games, under the guidance of The Bitmap Brothers and gaming veteran Jon Hare, designer of Sensible Soccer" says the blurb, which - as is standard - doesn't mention the price.

The game comes with quick-play, league and cup tournaments and a career mode, "including the new Speedball Champions League".

It also comes with "two alternative control systems: a classic, soft joypad, which replicates the controls of the early computer versions, and a tilt-to-move option".

Thankfully there are also local multiplayer competitions across Bluetooth and Wi-fi.

Speedball 2: Evolution features:
- 336 Individual players
- 22 achievements
- 20 Power-ups and pick-ups
- 16 Classic Speedball teams
- 12 New Intergalactic teams
- 10 Season career mode
- 10 Single player game modes
- 6 Arenas on four different planets
- Player transfer market and upgrades
- Extensive tutorial for rookies
- Multiplayer mode
- Game Center support
- That classic retro feel


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