King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Samurai Spirits head to mobile phones!

Playmore furthers the cause!

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King of Fighters
King of Fighters
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Playmore, the company that cannily acquired the rights to SNK’s assets, has announced its intention to bring several Neo Geo classics to the mobile phone platform.

The games will be developed by UK-based Digital Bridges and will include development rights to SNK’s arcade games, home system titles and Neo Geo Pocket portable titles.

“Java represents an extremely valuable new market for mobile entertainment companies and promises to dramatically escalate the number of users playing mobile games regularly,” said Brian Greasley, CEO of Digital Bridges. “MJ Entertainment and Playmore have an enviable reputation for creating fantastic games with incredible long-term appeal. The high recognition value of titles such as King of Fighters will help to ensure that Digital Bridges replicates its success in SMS and WAP gaming by allowing us to create a market-leading collection of Java games. “

“Mobile gaming is a very exciting new area for games companies and promises to reach a new and potentially enormous audience, outside the normal console market,” said Ron Czerny, President MJ Entertainment. “We are very pleased to be working with Digital Bridges, to bring many of the SNK-NeoGeo games to a new generation of gamers – and cell phone owners – throughout Europe, North America and Latin America.”

Expect the first screens from these titles soon.


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