Blitz Games Shuts Down

Rebellion may hire some of the staff

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The Blitztech page today.
The Blitztech page today.
As horrible thing about UK gaming and game development go, the following sentence rates right up there in the top 1 or 2:

"Award-winning and highly respected UK independent developer Blitz Games Studios announces that it has ceased trading this morning after 23 years." Although the company wasn't famed for producing titles beloved of the hardcore, it was a breeding ground for talented developers, including the likes of Thomas Was Alone maker, Mike Bithell. An official statement has some small hope, stating:

"However, two of the developer's current projects are self-sustaining financially so Blitz senior management will be forming a new company to service these clients and safeguard approximately 50 of the 175 jobs being lost today. More details on this new company will be released shortly.

"In addition, Oxford-based developer Rebellion are also in close talks with Blitz management to potentially hire some of the remaining staff. Any other prospective employers are invited to contact Blitz at for details of any staff now seeking work."

Blitz Games Studios Co-Founder and CEO Philip Oliver explained the situation, "We have done all that we can to make Blitz a success, and we have come frustratingly close in recent months. Major clients have felt unable to commit to investment in significant projects, others have changed strategy whilst appearing committed, and others have been slow to commit at all ? all of these things have continued to hurt our finances. We have also sustained the business for some time with our personal savings but even those reserves have now been exhausted.

"We'd like to publicly thank Chris and Jason Kingsley from Rebellion for their support and friendship during this time ? they are acting incredibly honourably and helping us to find new roles for as many of our staff as possible. They began their careers in games at around the same time we did and epitomise the positive and supportive culture of long-standing game developers in the UK."

Best wishes to everybody.

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