Halo 4 Designer Calls Out Kojima on Sex

White Knight or sensible sexual crusader?

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Halo 4 Designer Calls Out Kojima on Sex
Yesterday we reported that Hideo Kojima was redesigning one of the characters from MGS5 to be what he called erotic in order to sell more figurines. An honest approach to commerce? Or a disgusting act of cynical sexism?

Well, Halo 4 designer David Ellis who, let's face it makes his money designing entirely sex-free gameplay that involves shooting things dead - thinks it's all very disgusting indeed. He went to Twitter with his disgust at Kojima's attempt to appeal to the lowest instincts in young, straight men or gay women to make money!

No, that probably won't get you into trouble. But there was more!

Ouch! Now, back to shooting buglike creatures and calling other people lamo-noobz!

For his part, Kojima has predictably backtracked, saying yesterday that:

"Maybe the phrase 'erotic' wasn't really [the correct word for] what I was trying to say. What I'm really trying to do is create unique characters. One of those is, of course, Quiet. She's a really unique character, I wanted to add that sexiness to her. It wasn't really supposed to be erotic, but sexy.

"You're going to notice [when you play,] but there's limited dialogue with the [Metal Gear Solid 5], and for that reason we really want to show the characteristic from each character. "Sexy could be for guys, weapons, vehicles, it's really that characteristic."

All of this, reports Polygon, was said via a translator.



Joji 6 Sep 2013 14:34
The irony here is while I agree with David, he needs to check his shoes at the door. Halo has Cortana as a naked female A.I, when she doesn't have to be that way at all. Seeing it these days make Halo look silly.

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