Keith Vaz in Anti-Call of Duty Motion Cites Anders Breivik

Way over the top early day motion from UK parliamentarian

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Remember when Tom Watson amended the hell out of Keith Vaz and the latter's desire to bring video games into an early day motion in Parliament? You don't? It's here. Well, Mr Vaz is at it again.

This time it's an Early Day Motion that is called "VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES (No. 2)" and because Tom Watson is busy with bigger deals such as media corruption and making book corrections, it maybe up to one of the other seven MPs who have signed up for it to correct it.

The motion - which sickeningly latches onto the antics of self-confessed Norwegian mass murderer, Anders Breivik - states:

"That this House is reminded of the consequences of the ineffectual Pan European Game Information (PEGI) classification system for video games following the testimony of Anders Breivik about the tragic events in Norway in July 2011; notes that in his submission of evidence to the court Breivik describes how he trained for the attacks using the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare;

" disturbed that Breivik used the game to help hone his `target acquisition' and the suggestion that the simulation prepared him for the attacks; is concerned that PEGI as a classification system can only provide an age-rating and not restrict ultra-violent content;

"...recognises that in an era of ever-more sophisticated and realistic game-play more robust precautions must be taken before video games are published; and calls on the Government to provide for closer scrutiny of aggressive first-person shooter video games."

Source: Parliament


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