UK Video Games Get a Slice of £15 Million Grant

Screen Yorkshire announce £15m content fund for new digital content

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Revolution Software - making cash for the industry!
Revolution Software - making cash for the industry!
Good news for Northerners. "A new £15 million fund to invest in creative content in film, TV, games and the digital sector within Yorkshire and Humber has been announced by Screen Yorkshire", so says, well, Sceen Yorkshire!

Half of the funding came from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The other half will come from matching contributions from private investors. And it's a forward looking fund too, "the intention is that investment returns will produce a legacy fund to support content development and production in Yorkshire for many years to come."

One of the reasons that Yorkshire is getting the investment is that rather than lolling around gastropubs, riding fixies, tugging on the kinds of beards that small children would be ashamed of while moaning about the financial climate, the county's creatives made money with works such as: Paddy Considine’s Tyrannosaur, Ben Wheatley’s Kill List, Andrea Arnold’s new version of Wuthering Heights, the Red Riding TV show, The Damned United and This is England.

Of course, there were also video games from studios such as Team 17, Sumo Digital and Revolution Software.

Therefore, Charles Cecil, Managing Director of Revolution (and a Screen Yorkshire Board Member) points out that, "The advent of ubiquitous broadband has opened up huge opportunities for video games developers to self-publish their titles and, in doing so, retain the lions' share of the revenues - Yorkshire, in particular, has a large number of successful, independent developers who find themselves in a fantastic position to grasp these opportunities.

"However, to capitalise on these opportunities upfront investment is required and can be very challenging to secure in this tough financial environment. The Yorkshire Content Fund will address this issue and also lead to significant job creation.”

Well done Yorkshire!


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