Broken Sword to Return if You Kick Start It

Charles Cecil and crew go down the crowd sourcing route

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Broken Sword to Return if You Kick Start It
Kickstarter is not just about consoles that may or may not happen. It is also for the lovely things in life that will happen. Things like Broken Sword from the original Broken Sword team.

According to the blurb itself:

"Broken Sword is a point and click adventure game series starring unwilling hero George Stobbart, an intrepid American lawyer, and Nico Collard, a sassy French freelance journalist. Through the series George and Nico are unwittingly drawn into sinister and terrifying conspiracies, requiring them to uncover ancient mysteries and unravel myths across the globe. Nerve, cunning and guile are essential in order to conquer these compelling adventures. "

Now, the very good news in a sort of Blues Brothers sort of a way (sort of) is, "Charles Cecil has assembled his team - including many of the original Revolution crew. Rolf Saxon (voice of George) is brushing dust off his microphone and other former voice actors from the series are ready to roll," to make the game.

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deleted 24 Aug 2012 12:57
Im nont doing anymore kickstarters until i see the ones i paid come out! anyhoo love point and click but always found broken sword a little overrated.
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