Game Industry Legends Video Outtakes - Amazing Stories

How a bloodied man got the UK rights to Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and other stories

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Game Industry Legends Video Outtakes - Amazing Stories
The independent film documentary ‘From Bedrooms To Billions’ about the UK video games industry is a superb project. Like all movies, though, it has some outtakes. You get to watch them here.

We're told by Anthony Caulfield who is running the project, "We only have 23 days remaining on the campaign and have devised some fantastic unique perks involving signed hardware and software from various industry legends. The BBC model B and copy of Elite both signed by David Braben sold out in less than 12 hours!

Find out more about the film right here. and follow the guys on Twitter to keep up.

Buried in here among these awesome outtakes is a fantastic tale of a bandaged man meeting Michael Jackson's lawyers... don't miss it!


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