Lord British Dooms Game Consoles

Richard Garriot makes the case for moving on

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You're all DOOMED!
You're all DOOMED!
Former Origin Systems and NCSoft creative force, Richard Garriott is talking sense again. He's also got married to a lady called Laetitia de Cayeux and has changed his name to Richard Garriott de Cayeux, which is good.

So, having looked over the industry with the perspective of a man who started making games commercially and successfully in the late 1970s, Mr Garriott de Cayeux has a word to say about consoles. That word is: DOOMED.

"I think we might get one more generation, might, but I think fundamentally they're doomed. I think fundamentally the power that you can carry with you in a portable is really swamping what we've thought of as a console," he points out.

Just how doomed? "... I think there may be one more round of consoles left, but not many", he concludes.

The reasons for this? Freemium, mobile gaming, the changing profile or gamers are just three.

Source: Industry Gamers


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