Steam Trading Service Kicks Off With Low Key Launch

Got. Got. Got. Got. Got. Need! Neeeeeed!

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You can't have it, it's mine.
You can't have it, it's mine.
The ability to trade items in Steam is now available to all. Following a short beta trial, the PC game download service now offers gamers the chance to swap in-game items and gifts with other gamers.

Admittedly the trading feature is still in its infancy so the range of compatible games is limited. Very limited in fact, as only items from Team Fortress 2 and Spiral Knights can be exchanged. Plans are afoot to bring in Portal 2 as soon as possible along with more third-part titles in the next few months.

Games that have been purchased as gifts or picked up as bonus copies can also be traded through Steam and the service will now offer you the option to buy a title and put it aside to be traded later. Good for those who like to build up trade fodder, bad for those who already have a pile of shame stacked up next to their monitors.

Of course, there are limitations; it's not like bringing a stack of used games to your local bricks and mortar store and dumping them on the counter. Games that you've played can't be traded ? the moment it's opened, it's yours for good. Despite that, it's yet another progressive step from the "fucking powerhouse" that is Steam.

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irritant 8 Sep 2011 08:57
Fair play to Valve for their unstoppable domination of the download market. They launched their service at a time when the public in general was not receptive to the idea of paying for downloading games and they've set the benchmark for how all game download services should work.

For me, there are very few things you can fault in the Steam service. I can't wait until they finally put outlets like Game into administration.
deleted 8 Sep 2011 09:49

Game into administration is a pleasant thought, 90% of that comes from work for them a long time ago, they were just as greedy then with the staff wages, we didn't even get staff discount until 2000! i still remember the area manager bragging about 300%+ profit margins on pre-owned sales and this was a time when staff discretion was used on pricing pre-owned buy ins, we were `encouraged` to give as little as possible, and make sure we gain double the buy in price... oh the guilt, if you ever came to Bolton Game in 1997-2000 on Newport street, then I apologise for the poor trade in you got and also for the worst customer service ever in a store!
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