Pachter Defends Crunchtime Comments

He was taken out of context

Posted by Staff
Pachter Defends Crunchtime Comments
Wedbush Morgan analyst, friend of the industry, media star and apparently workaholic Michael Pachter has defended his comments regarding game developers and 'Crunchtime'. He was taken out of context.

We all thought he said things like, "If your complaint is you worked overtime and didnt get paid for it, find another profession"... and I do get that it is a bad and unfair business practice to work 18 months non-stop overtime, I dont think anybody was entitled to overtime pay.

What he meant was:

"While I don't like to see workers treated unfairly, I have to acknowledge professionally that their recourse is to unionise or quit. I don't think unions work in the game industry, so I suggested that they quit."

The option for the employer to create a working environment, to schedule professionally and the bear in mind that all video games are created by teams of people doesn't seem to enter his thinking.

Maybe this is because he is too busy. He tells NextGen:

"I travel 60 nights away from home per year, with 48 constituting client visits," he continues. "On those days, I work generally from 7am til 10pm. I travel exclusively on my own time, so when I go to New York in a few weeks, I'm on the 4pm flight, landing at midnight in Manhattan.

"I work around 70 hours a week half the time, around 78-80 hours a quarter of the time, and around 90 hours a quarter of the time.

"No complaints, I'm extremely well-compensated."


Do you work in game development? What's your opinion? Tell us in the Comments below.


realvictory 29 Jul 2011 12:06
"No complaints, I'm extremely well-compensated."

Well, then...
ghoti 29 Jul 2011 12:16
What he doesn't mention is that his job is just making things up and never facing any consequences for getting it wrong.
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Ryan550 29 Jul 2011 18:33
Like I said in the first article "someone should drag him off of his high horse by the ankles"

Now he is just looking for a smack to the teeth.... seriously what Developer in their right mind would take this prick's advice seriously? Developers deserved to be paid for the work that they do... simply put..

Ghoti above speaks the truth.. Prickhter is not even an accurate analyst and I believe the final insult to all of this was "No complaints, I'm extremely well-compensated."

Go S**t in your gold-plated toilet pachter and stay out of the spotlight... again...
wangxiang 7 Mar 2012 09:28
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