From Bizarre to Lucid: New Studio Forms

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From Bizarre to Lucid: New Studio Forms
Bizarre Creations might be dead and gone, but a new studio has risen from its ashes. That studio is Lucid Games.

The studio is being headed up by MD Pete Wallace, a former development manager at Bizarre, and will be based on Bizarre's old stomping ground in the North West. And they're hiring. Wallace is hoping to soon employ around 50 ex-Bizarre staffers.

?The idea is to take the spirit of Bizarre Creations and see if we can improve on that,? Wallace told The Liverpool Daily Post.

Lucid?s commercial director, Andy Davidson, noted that the new studio is keen to keep development in the region. ?We know people are being targeted by headhunters and being asked about moving, particularly to Canada. We want to get back to the levels of innovation and creativity at Bizarre that made Activision so keen to acquire it.?

Have a look through here for ex-Bizarre man Gareth Wilson on the closure as well as gamers and risk aversion.

Good luck to everyone involved.


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