Farewell then Project Gotham

Lucid's new title won't be Project Gotham 5 from the look of it.

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Farewell then Project Gotham
Some people can't accept that change and commerce go together sometimes. So, the news that the ex-Bizarre Creations guys who once worked on Project Gotham Racing before people stopped buying those games, moved onto form Lucid Games and have now produced an iOS game has pissed off a load of folks.

"Why, oh why can't we have Project Gotham 5!!?" they demand in that entitled way we all love. Well, mainly because the folks at Lucid and 2K want to make some money to actually, you know, feed themselves and enjoy life with. Hence 2K Drive the new Lucid title that appears to put to death any more notions of PGR5. Yup, a new game on a new platform. Move on chums. Play PGR4 on console though. Now, check out 22 minutes of the news game...

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