Microsoft: Rumble is Laughable

Love him or disdain him, but MGS's Kudo Tsunoda is full of quotes

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Microsoft: Rumble is Laughable
Kudo Tsunoda, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios, is really going at it with the Kinect salesmanship. Earlier this week he pointed out that measuring lag in milliseconds rather than in terms of 'experience' was silly, now he's onto Rumble.

"The overwhelming thing we?ve discovered is that rumble is such a rudimentary form of haptic feedback. It?s not like a little rumble in your palm is your whole way of interacting with the world ? it?s not like, oh, I stubbed my toe and I get a little rumble in my palm."

Sure, that's a valid analogy: foot pain = hand rumble... is there more?

"It?s almost laughable the way people hold on to rumble as the Holy Grail of haptic feedback. We?ve gone so far past anything that can be done with rumble, or that kind of restrictive thing you have to hold. It?s been creatively liberating to work on this stuff."

Thanks for that.

Source: Edge


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