THQ Biggest Loser Works Out for Profit

Switches Studios' Focus to Digital Platforms

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THQ Biggest Loser Works Out for Profit
THQ has renamed and restructured both its UK Juice and US Rainbow, bringing them into its THQ Digital unit to XBLA, PSN and iPhone titles.

Juice Games in Warrington becomes THQ Digital Warrington. US Rainbow becomes THQ Digital Phoenix. While this sounds very positive for the once troubled company, 60 jobs are also to be lost in the reshuffle.

According to the Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, THQ Core Games, (release here - PDF), "Consumers are increasingly looking for deeper engagement with their favorite entertainment experiences. They also want to enjoy games and entertainment via convenient social and portable platforms that suit their lifestyle.

"We plan to address these needs through a rich offering of content distributed across digital platforms, based both on all of our major core brands as well as new intellectual properties."

Develop reports that "In a conference call with investors after the announcement, THQ CEO Brian Farrell reiterated that it would take time to see the first THQ Digital releases, but that three 'core brand' titles were already in the works, including Company of Heroes Online. THQ also plans to release its first serious MMO, Warhammer 40,000, within the next two years."

All this comes as the company goes into profit. For the quarter ended December 31st 2009, it reported earnings of $542,000 compared to a loss of $191.8 million for the same period the previous year.

Where did it make the money? UFC 2009 Undisputed obviously. But also The Biggest Loser... shame.



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