SEGA Sues Bankrupt THQ Over Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Order Sales

THQ took money after it declared bankruptcy.

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'Stop, stop... he's already dead!'
'Stop, stop... he's already dead!'
How can you kill that which has no life? SEGA is reportedly giving that theory a good stress test, as it is currently suing bankrupt publisher THQ for the sum of $941,710.93. All over pre-orders for Company of Heroes 2 on Steam.

THQ filed for bankruptcy on 19 December 2012, and on that day received $508,877.85 from Steam for sales generated from Company of Heroes 2 pre-orders. SEGA, which now owns Relic Entertainment and the Company of Heroes IP, is arguing that this sum is therefore owed to them as a matter of priority.

In total, 20,755 pre-orders were sold between September 2012 to 24th January 2013, totalling $1,345,301.29. Minus Valve's 30% cut, that figure becomes $941,710.93 - the overall sum that SEGA is demanding from the defunct publisher.

Source: Delaware US Bankruptcy Court (via Eurogamer)


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