Team Fortress 2 Gets Heavy

Countdown to update begins

Posted by Staff
Valve has begun the countdown to the roll-out of 'The Heavy', a Team Fortress 2 update that it promises will be the biggest ever. Surprisingly, it is not about Scottish bitter beer... shocker.

Valve plans to unveil new information and screenshots daily over on its website. The first new details are in, with Valve describing the latest community map, CP_Steel. The bumpf runs as follows - "A complex Attack/Defence control point map, with some unique gameplay. Unlike most TF2 maps, capturing a control point modifies the layout of the map, opening and closing routes for each team. As a result, the offensive team has a wide variety of tactical choices around how they'd like to assault the final point.

"Should they use Scouts and Soldiers to rush the final point with only the routes they start with? Should they go for the side control points and open up more routes to the final? Should they capture extra points to shut down the defender's routes? The many choices keep the map interesting for a long time, providing a wide variety of experiences in a game."

'The Heavy' will include new unlockable weapons, achievements, maps and a whole new gameplay mode. Valve says it will be available next Tuesday "to all owners of Team Fortress 2".

To promote the new content Valve is also hosting a Team Fortress 2 Free Weekend via Steam, its online gaming platform.

You can keep abreast of what's coming in the update here.


SuperSaiyan4 13 Aug 2008 12:22
I didnt like this game at all thought it was complete crap.
mrAnthony 13 Aug 2008 12:25
...and nobody likes you, so i guess it makes sense.
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Was p 13 Aug 2008 17:09
It's best played with friends.

It came with two solo games. Did you dislike them as well?
deleted 13 Aug 2008 19:26
I liked pOrtal, and i couldnt get into TF2 as it wasnt enough like Halo3 for me, yeah i know its about team based and strats but i cant be arse with tha i like to shoot everyone :-) also HL2 and Epi 1 + 2 are also very very good. but they were on my PC versions.

But the ghames worth it purly for pOrtal, like how i use the Capital O!
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