Ubisoft Montreal: Secret Wii Projects in the Works

Plus: why cut scenes are bad storytelling

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Ubisoft Montreal: Secret Wii Projects in the Works
Ubisoft Montreal, the studio behind Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 2, has secret Wii projects set to be unveiled soon.

Speaking in an interview about the studio's recent focus on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the developer's CEO, Yannis Mallat, said, "We are, in Montreal, focusing also on the DS with a new casual division that has been started within Montreal, with My Word Coach and so on. Those games have been started in Montreal. And right now, we are developing some other Wii titles that we are going to be able to talk about soon."

Just because he mentioned the project in the same breath as My Word Coach, don't assume that the project will necessarily be a casual one, either. Speaking about action/adventure games on the platform, Mallat said, "Red Steel, if I remember well, sold 1.2 million units. That's what we could call an action-adventure game, in a sense. Zelda did well, too, of course. Yes. There is definitely a market. That console specifically has to be thought of in the same way that it's been produced and designed, when it comes time to make games. And when you hit the right balance, success will just follow."

Mallat also shared his thoughts on the use of cut scenes to tell stories, saying, "...pre-rendered cinematics, or at least non-interactive cinematics are on the contrary a lazy way for us developers to express something that could have been expressed through real-time interaction. And when you have to put the pad away and listen to something that happens between your avatar and NPCs, you're not really involved in that, it's passive. We tend to forge emotions when the player is part of what's happening for him, into a value system that he's been building while playing the game."

Anyway, let the guessing as to just what the new Wii projects will be commence in the Forum...

Source: Wired


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