The Agency - Sony's Online Adventure - First Trailer And Screens


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As we reported on June 5th, Sony Online Entertainment is to release The Agency, "a fast-paced online action shooter filled with espionage, intrigue and betrayal."

The game is being developed at SOE’s Seattle studio for both the PC and the Playstation 3. The company is steering away from the MMO moniker however.

According to Sony, "The Agency is a pick-up-and-play experience where players assume the role of elite agents in a modern-day world. Both solo players and groups will enjoy a wide variety of cooperative and competitive story-driven missions set in exotic locales across the globe."

We are also told that, "Persistent character development allows players to supplement their gear with exotic and powerful skills that make them feel like the elite agents they’ve always dreamt of becoming. Additionally, in lieu of the typical class systems in many other games, The Agency’s approach is simply, 'You Are What You Wear'. Players will customize their character’s attire based on the mission at hand, emphasizing combat, support, stealth, or even cover identities.

Players begin their experience by choosing to be a slick UNITE spy or a gritty ParaGON mercenary. Both factions will have players tangling in illicit activities such as drug smuggling, assassinations, espionage and counter intelligence. As they gain ranks within their chosen agency, players will increase their influence over the world while experiencing a deep story of action and intrigue. Along the way players will be able to build their own agencies, team with others to create joint agencies, and recruit a roster of useful Operatives.

Operatives are “living loot” characters that wait in the wings for orders to build that new sports car, gather intel for the next mission, or provide that satellite scan to expose the enemy. As players advance through the game, they will collect more powerful Operatives that will better assist them with missions. Players can use their roster to help themselves or their team and even trade Operatives with other players."

Says, Matt Wilson, Director of Development, SOE Seattle. “Our goal is to break from traditional online games and provide players with a ‘fun now, no waiting’ gameplay experience in a dynamic, ever-evolving online world.”

So it's an MMO more of an emphasis on shooting? Or is it an online shooter with a nod towards building up allegiances and weapons? There's bound to be some 'cool' social networking we'll be bound. Anyway, we can't really comment until we've seen the gameplay - so we're watching the 'Making of Trailer' as well! And from what we've seen, the team/faction elements (Unite versus Paragon) sound a little like The Apprentice gone psycho with weapons.

We'll have more info for you as soon as it becomes available. For now, check out the screens and the making of video below - but be warned it's a big trailer and may take time to load.



Joji 11 Jun 2007 20:51
See, now this looks great, something I'd put on my list of reasons to get a PS3 for. MMOs have been putting me of for ages but this one I'd take a chance on. Good stuff Sony, I'll be watching the progress of this one closely.
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