Castrol Honda VTR!

Midas Interactive, publishers of the seminal Castrol Honda Superbike 2000 are to release the hit racing game on PlayStation and Colour Gameboy.

Posted by Staff
The game, an accurate simulation of Superbike competition, allows you to take control one of Honda's fearsome SP1, a machine capable of topping 190 mph.

Realism is the watchword in this game, with the player able to tinker with every aspect of the bike. Produced with the full co-operation of the former world-champion Castrol Honda team, this game is the closest you'll get to experience the thrills of competition without being on the Castrol Honda payroll.

Every aspect of the bike's performance can be altered to suit your own personal riding style. To keep up the realism, the bikes also take real-time damage that is both visible as it occurs and has a telling effect on the handling and performance of the machine. Too many collisions and the bike will give up the ghost.

The cutting-edge graphics and sound capabilities supply more realistic touches. All the riders are motion-captured and the bikes show off the fantastic chrome-mapping technology, glistening realistically throughout any race. The game also features stunning weather effects that affect the handling of the bike around the track.

The PlayStation version is being converted by the highly experienced Bubble Boys Ltd, who are ensuring a stunning conversion for Sony's little grey box - expected to be released in October 2000. The Colour Gameboy version is expected in 2001, and looks set to really capitalise on the unique appeal of the handheld.