CustomPlay Golf

Create, play, communicate.

Posted by Staff
CustomPlay Golf is the first game to focus on creating and playing your own golf course and for the first time golf can be played using the PlayMail this allows you to email a playable demo of any of your holes to your friends, which they will be able to play “even” if they don’t yet own the game…! Andy Law, Managing Director of Publisher Fusion Labs Ltd commented “this title sets a new benchmark for Golf games, the CREATE element is probably the most powerful course architect to date. This coupled with an awesome physics engine creates one of the most realistic Golf “simulations” ever. With unlimited possibilities this title offers endless opportunities to make the game their own”.

The CustomPlay editor allows you to quickly and easily customise every aspect of your own golf courses.
Create an 18 hole golf course across a 2.5 million square plot
“If you don’t like it, change it” editor allows you to customise the surface, layout, hazards, elevation, sky, weather, physics etc.
Import your own textures, models and sound effects.
Create your own in-game player with a unique club set, identity, playing style and abilities.

Immerse yourself in realistic golf gameplay that offers traditional 3-Click and Mouse Swing control.
Game modes include practice, play course, tournament, multi-player offline and online modes and online and offline tours.
Play the game from a first person perspective and walk around your course.
Powerful Random Course Generator enables you to create new courses in seconds.

Join the CustomPlay Golf community and share courses, textures and objects.
Download free assets, add-ons and more from the CustomPlay Golf website.
PlayMail allows you to email a playable demo of any of your holes to your friends; they will be able to play “even” if they don’t yet own the game…!

Product Features
The first golf game to focus on the player creating and playing their own golf course.
Simple to use editor allowing range and flexibility via a simple interface.
First person perspective in a golf game.
Amateur and Professional settings and tee positions.
Walk round.
Light and shade system tied to the sun’s position in relation to the clouds.
CustomReplay – save your replays out as movies and email them to friends.
Editable sky and weather system.

Single Player
Play Course.
Practice – hole or shot.
Tournament – up to 4 rounds.

Players will be able to meet up and play a course together online.
Up to four players can play together online.
Modes include matchplay, strokeplay and stableford.
Online Tour.
Two player alternate multi-player play, on one machine, will also be supported.

Overall Goal of the Game
Create, Play, Communicate.