Metro3D Powers-up with R-Type Final - The end of the legacy hits Europe, January 2004

Metro3D Europe proudly announce the much anticipated release of R-type Final on the Playstation 2 in January 2004.

Posted by Staff
Andy Law, General Manager, Metro3D Europe commented ?We are delighted to confirm that we have secured this license with Irem and have rights to publish R-type Final throughout PAL territories. A product of this calibre is proof that we mean business as an ?up and coming? publisher to watch out for.?

R-Type is a ?classic? in video game history; the legacy goes back a full 16 years since the original arcade shoot-?em-up hit the streets. R-Type Final will be available with up to 60 available ships, many of these true to the originals and numerous power-ups to help you battle against enemy forces.