Data Design Interactive announces support for G-Cluster's gaming-on-demand system with games content.

First up, Kidz Sportz Basketball.

Posted by Staff
This deal opens up the burgeoning interactive gaming market for DDI via G-cluster?s server-centric gaming-on-demand solution for IP and digital cable TV. The first game to come out of this collaboration will be from Data Design Interactive?s "Kidz Sportz" range, entitled "Kidz Sportz Basketball". This is the first of many titles scheduled for porting to the G-Cluster system, including DDI's entire back catalogue. All new titles from DDI can be automatically configured for the G-cluster platform.

Stewart Green of DDI said, ?We are very pleased to start working with G-Cluster, by the end of next year our GODS development system will have produced over 30 titles and now that we have our system compatible, all of these will also be available for the excellent and innovative G-Cluster delivery format.?

Toby Lynas, Content Acquisition, G-cluster, said, ?DDI have a strong line-up of titles, both in their back catalogue and scheduled for release in the coming 18 months. We are pleased to begin this relationship by bringing Kidz Sports Basketball to the G-cluster platform. The game showcases our technology well ? quality console gaming on a simple set-top box.

Data Design Interactive can accomplish this due in part to their G.O.D.S. system which enables them to dramatically cut development times to a half or even a quarter of their usual length. Games are produced in months, rather than years, which means you get a game on time and on budget. They also produce simultaneously on PS2, Xbox, GameCube and PC.

The G-cluster Game System is a client-server service architecture that makes PC/console games available to end users, who can access the service by means of digital TV set-top boxes, PDAs and UMTS media phones. These client devices are simple and affordable.