EA Begins The Assault…

WCW Backstage Assault ships for the PlayStation with Nintendo 64 to follow.

Posted by Staff
No ring means no holds barred. Taking the thrill and excitement of wrestling out of the ring to an all new level, Electronic Arts (EA) gives players exclusive backstage passes to square off against their favorite World Championship Wrestling (WCW) superstar with the current release of WCW™ Backstage Assault for the PlayStation® game console. EA will release a Nintendo® 64 version of the game on December 12.

Inspired by the exciting world of WCW, the game challenges gamers to an entirely new style of action-packed wrestling. A virtual free-for-all, WCW Backstage Assault is the first game of its kind to feature matches located entirely backstage and outdoors. Wrestling fans will have the freedom to bounce off rubber tires as if they were ropes in the "Parking Garage" or perform turnbuckle aerial moves by jumping off the top of lockers in the "Bathroom." Progressing through seven different environments and 14 rooms, the quest for the belt still comes down to the knockout, submission or the traditional "3-count" to end every match. Throughout the game, players can interact with more than 40 different objects and environmental hazards that can be used as weapons. These include bathroom sinks, lead pipes and trash cans. In addition, a variety of secret weapons and special power-ups can be discovered and incorporated into every assault for added fun and excitement… WCW style.

Players can choose from 62 different wrestlers, including today's hottest WCW superstars like Sting, Goldberg and Booker T, as well as the ever-popular women of WCW. For fans wanting to add their own personal touches, the robust "Create-A-Superstar" function allows gamers to make 36 different attribute alterations from skills such as increased strength and added quickness to visual changes such as adding tattoos and changing the style of clothing each wrestler can wear.

Whatever wrestler is chosen, they will have to be up to the task of brawling in either "Exhibition," "Hardcore Gauntlet" or "Hardcore Challenge" matches. Exhibition mode is a great way to practice and perfect wrestling skills and attempt the First Blood and Human Torch matches. Running the "Hardcore Gauntlet" will send players through seven back-to-back matches against the toughest opponents that WCW Backstage Assault has to offer. Choose the "Hardcore Challenge" for the ultimate WCW experience where the goal is to earn the Hardcore, U.S. and World title belts. Win the belt and earn a spot in the elite "Hall of Champions." Actual WCW broadcasters, Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan are on-hand to provide more than 8000 lines (PlayStation version only) of entertaining play-by-play and color commentary throughout each match.

The game marks the second interactive entertainment title from EA's long-term, exclusive partnership with the WCW. The WCW brand was licensed to EA by World Championship Wrestling, Inc. WCW Backstage Assault for the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 game consoles was developed by Kodiak Interactive Software Studios. EA is the worldwide publisher and distributor.