More Little Monsters

Ransom Publishing launches the second wave of the 'Little Monsters' CD ROM series.

Posted by Staff
Ransom Publishing is delighted to announce the launch of the second wave in the exciting new series of affordable children's CD-ROM titles based around the world-famous 'little Monsters' characters.

The Little Monsters are 30 endearing little children, each of whom has a charming characteristic: so we have Greedy Graham, Perfect Prudence, Curious Calvin, Silly Sydney, Ticklish Timmy, Grown-Up Gabby, Rude Roger, Know-All Nancy ... you get the idea!

Designed to appeal to both parents and children alike, the 'little Monsters' first appeared as a series of children's storybooks, and then achieved universal popularity in the popular BBC television series.

The CD-ROM series features an extensive range of entertaining interactive titles, teaching the core topics of Literacy and Numeracy to children aged from 3 through to 7. The series provides a comprehensive learning path for children, providing a complete foundation in these important topics.

"These titles are a winner", says Robert Ertle, Ransom Publishing's Sales and Marketing Director. "It's an extensive range of branded titles at a competitive price point, all featuring Ransom's award-winning pedigree for engaging, stimulating learning. Children just have fun, and parents can feel secure in the knowledge that their children are gaining confidence in these core curriculum areas."

Individual titles in the series are published for dual platform (Mac/PC) in 'jewel case' format and are competitively priced at 9.99 RRP. They are also available in special boxed sets containing two different 'little Monsters' titles at 19.99 RRP. The second wave comprises four new titles to accompany the four already published:

Ticklish Timmy in 'Wonderfun World'
Ages 3-5, literacy. Timmy is fed up with being so ticklish all the time. His Dad has made an anti-tickle suit for him. Will you help Timmy test it?

Grown-Up Gabby in 'Once Upon a Time' . Ages 3-5, literacy.

Gabby is too grown up to read children's books. She wants to read the types of books that adults read. Can you help her find a good book?

Rude Roger in 'Monkey Bottoms'. Ages 3-5, numeracy.

Roger has decided to train for the world "being rude" championships. He wants you to help him!

Know-All Nancy in 'Dinosaur Trouble'. Ages 3-5, numeracy.

On a visit to the local museum. Nancy finds a 'time machine'. She goes back in time to the land of the dinosaurs. How will she ever get back?

The second four titles in the series are launched on Friday 13th October. These follow the hugely successful first wave released earlier this year. A further eight titles, for ages 5-7 will be available next year.

The 'Little Monsters' CD-ROMs are available from a wide range of retailers, including PC World, Dixons, Toys R Us, John Lewis, Tempo and W H Smith. They are supported by extensive merchandising in retail outlets, ranging from beanies and pyjamas to painting kits, keyrings and videos.