Last Man Standing Gets Xequted!

Rainbow Six 3 tournament receives sponsorship from premier gaming and digital lifestyle community.

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Bristol, England 16th of July 2005: announces sponsorship today for The Last Man Standing tournament, featuring the highly successful Tom Clancy Rainbow Six 3 title for the Xbox Live platform.

With the first Tournament starting as soon as the 9th of August 2004, contestants will see a battle of skill, firepower and cunning to become the overall winner. Entry to the tournament is now free for UK based gamers, with a maximum of 400 players per tournament and a variety of prizes to be announced very soon.

The winner of the tournament will show the live gaming community who is the best sharp shooter on Rainbow Six 3!

As part of Xequted?s quest to encourage gamers to ?Elevate their Gaming?, we are pleased to officially endorse the Last Man Standing sharpshooter Tournament which is due to start on the 9th of August 2004.

?Ever since launched, we have fostered a number of key relationships with leading publishers and developers worldwide. Tournaments are vital to a product?s development within the market place and attract a large, committed user base. The sponsorship of the Last Man standing Tournament shows our commitment to gamers everywhere. We are extremely pleased to be working with the organisers of the tournament and we look forward to supporting more competitive online console and PC tournaments in the near future? says Luke Newcombe, Head of Communications,

About the Last Man Standing
Mark Boadey
The Last Man Standing Team Leader.

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