Mindscape Links up with Science Museum

Unravel the mysteries of science and astronomy with this new value for money range.

Posted by Staff
Mindscape Links up with Science Museum
Mindscape today announced that it has joined forces with the Science Museum, to put the world-famous Science Museum name on its range of new scientific and astronomy programs designed to bring the world of science alive through interactive experimentation.

Published within the Softkey value range, The Science Museum branded titles will encompass biology, anatomy, history, technology, and space. The first five titles will be released this month: Cosmos Voyage ? The Universe and Secrets Of The Universe deal with space and astrophysics, and Secrets Of The Mind uncovers the workings of the human brain, with contributions from 11 pioneering psychologists and neuroscientists. Two Smart Kids titles, Discovering Life and Touring The Planets, are designed specifically as hands-on interactive experiments for children of six years and upwards.

"We're very proud to be publishing a range of titles that has such a powerful name allied to them," commented Paul Howes, UK general manager of Mindscape. "The Science Museum attracts around 2.7 million visitors a year of all ages and that wide appeal is reflected in our titles ? they are designed to be entertaining and informative for children, their parents and their grandparents."

Following the first five releases in June 2004, Mindscape plans to announce further titles in this series later in the year. All the Science Museum-branded programs will be priced at 9.99 and are available for PC and Macintosh.