Click, control, conquer!

Mindscape announces the eagerly-awaited European release of SuperPower 2, from DreamCatcher Games.

Posted by Staff
Click, control, conquer!
Things to do today: Wake up. Walk the dog. TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

Helping to realise player's dreams of world domination, SuperPower 2 is the only global geopolitical simulation game that allows players to control entire countries in the three major areas of politics, economics and the military.

Using beautiful real-time 3D visuals with atmospheric hyper-realistic weather effects, players are able to plot their global take-over from on-high as they take in a full view of the spinning globe, or micro-manage their campaign of conquering at ground level, zoomed right in on individual strongholds, cities and geopolitical hotspots.

Players are granted God-like powers but budding Blairs and Bushes will still need to use all their intelligence, political-savvy and guile. Make use of economic sanctions, political alliances and military actions to wage battles. Create or break treaties. Make tactical decisions to swing military conflicts in your favour. Play as fair or as dirty as you want to. The whole world is your playground. And if playing the political game gets too much, simply unleash guerrilla warfare and thermonuclear devices upon unsuspecting neighbours and claim their land and resources as your own.

In addition to its unique strategy gameplay, SuperPower 2 uses real-world data. In fact, the game offers the largest database ever assembled for a computer game, based on real-world CIA and US Naval Intelligence information. Coupled with world-dominating open-ended gameplay, SuperPower 2 is certain to appeal to both strategy gamers and 'CNN junkies' alike.

Multiplayer modes offer support for up 32 players, each strategist playing as any one of the 193 countries recognised by the United Nations which feature in the game.

Also included are in-depth original scenarios and extensive campaigns making tough demands on players as they order them to Pacify Iraq, conquer 50 per cent of the world's oil, or obtain independence for secessionist regions.

Due for release this Winter, show the world who's boss with SuperPower 2 for PC from DreamCatcher Games.