International Superstar Soccer For PS2

A new benchmark for Sony consoles.

Posted by Staff
With International Superstar Soccer for PlayStation and PlayStation 2 classy football is child's play: Fast combinations, spectacular skills and breathtaking action are guaranteed to get footie fans hearts pumping faster.

ISS again leads the field with rock solid features. For most experts the series is the reference point for football games on N64 and PlayStation. Now a heavily updated PSX version and a stunning PlayStation 2 debut are about to be unveiled. Thanks to the potential of the new hardware, together with invaluable PSX programming experience, ISS now offers even more spectacular graphics, closer to real life animations, more exciting camera angles, new player and game editors and fresh scenarios.

As you'd expect from ISS the artificial intelligence of computer opponents is finely tuned and highly challenging. Multiplayer fun is guaranteed: Up to 4 players on PlayStation and even 8 players on PS2 can join the match simultaneously. Even the atmosphere in the stadium is spot on: supporters are singing their hearts out and TV commentators build the perfect mood.

And one thing missing in all previous versions is now also included: Konami has secured an official FlFPro license for all future ISS games. FlFPro is the legal representative of professional football players throughout the world and permits the use of real players' names and their likeness.

To further build the reputation of the ISS brand, Konami has joined forces with Umbro. In-game Umbro presene reaffirms ISS as no nonsense football.