Sports Interactive books physio

Football Manager 2005 to feature unprecedented realism through partnership with online sports injury specialist,

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Sports Interactive books physio
Sports Interactive, the leading developer of sports management simulations, has signed an agreement with, the leading online database of sports-related medical information, which will add a further layer of authenticity to its eagerly-anticipated football game, Football Manager 2005. is designed to provide the definitive resource for information about injuries sustained by soccer players in the English Premier League. The site aims to provide a healthcare resource for all, with detailed information about the most common sports injuries which affect both professional and recreational athletes. Visitors are 'walked through' the nature of injuries, how they're diagnosed and treated and what the rehabilitation practices involve ? all in plain, jargon-free English.

"We are big fans of the previous management games that SI created and have spent far too much time over the years playing them," says's Co-Founder Peter Lilley. "However, we thought the injury reports could be improved, therefore making the game even more realistic. For example, there were too many occurrences of one type of injury and all injuries seemed to come about through random bad luck. In reality the number and impact of injuries suffered by a club can be lessened by good managerial decision-making. We put this to Sports Interactive and they were positive because they were keen to improve realism in their new games."

"By incorporating's experience into FM 2005, we've giving our users one extra, and invaluable, stream of information to help them in their day-to-day team management and, therefore, making the experience even more realistic," offers Miles Jacobson, Managing Director with Sports Interactive. "Should your star player be returning from injury before a crucial match, do you take the risk of a relapse by playing him, or do you leave him out so he might regain full fitness in time for the remaining games of the season? The final decision will still be the manager's, but from here on he or she will be making that decision from a more informed position."

Created in 2001 by Peter Lilley and David Wales, came about when Lilley wanted to know more about the injuries that were keeping his players out of his fantasy football team. Wales (a chartered physiotherapist with Charlton Athletic who, at the time, was Lilley's flatmate) gave him advice on the nature of the injuries and how long the players were likely to be sidelined for. The pair realised that if they were interested in this information then it was likely that other fans would be too and, as a result, was established.

The site includes an online sports injury shop, sections on injury news and injury prevention, an 'ask the experts' facility (where visitors can put injury-related questions to a panel of experts) and interviews with physios from the leading Premier League clubs (as well as other injury and fitness-related news and articles). is now the definitive online resource for sports injury information. Its massive database provides a comprehensive guide to every injury likely to be suffered by a footballer and includes a wealth of information on each one, including the time of the season when it's most likely to happen, the player position it's most likely to happen to, how often the injury occurs in an average season, whether it's more likely to happen in a match or in training and the age of player it's most likely to afflict.

Football Manager 2005 will be published by SEGA in the final quarter of 2004. Further information is available from the Sports Interactive website,