ISS Team meets with FIFPro Officials

Gordon Taylor impressed by quality football on PlayStation 2.

Posted by Staff
International Superstar Soccer (ISS) game creators from Konami premiered their PlayStation2 title for Gordon Taylor this week - the result was a big thumbs up from the FIFPro Chairman.

The meeting was held to discuss FIFPro's endorsement of ISS, which will, for the first time in the game's long and successful history, give the rights to use real player names.

ISS Director Yasuo Okuda and KCEO software studio Vice President Katsuya Nagae were in the UK to meet with key press during the ECTS video games trade show at Olympia. Their meeting with FIFPro took place on the final day of the show (05/09/00).

Gordon Taylor said he was extremely impressed by ISS and was very happy to see the FIFPro brand associated with such a high quality product.

Earlier in the week Mr Okuda and Mr Nagae hand delivered ISS ROMS to Sony to allow the game to be released on launch day of PlayStation 2.