Sky Surfer!

Snowboarding meets skydiving in this gnarly simulation of the singularly most dangerous sport in the world.

Posted by Staff
Surf the clouds, baby! Ride the jet stream and carve up those thermals in Sky Surfer - to be published by Swing! Interactive Entertainment, late 2000 for PlayStation 2. Feel the adrenaline rush as you daringly throw yourself out of a plane with nothing to lose except your life, and control of your bowels!

Grab your board and jump out of a plane to pull some amazing and awesome tricks as you hurtle rapidly towards the ground.

Sky Surfer contains two basic gameplay modes. Dive to Air is a two-tiered competition in which you perform free-fall aerobatic stunts in the first half and demonstrate parachute-handling skills in the second. Balloon Beat is a mini game in itself in which you use a massive wind tunnel to float yourself into a series of balloons.

Once you choose the game mode, it's time to select from one of three characters, each of which displays different strengths and weaknesses. From there, choose one of six branded boards and one of three courses: easy, medium or hard. In terms of gameplay, the main difference between each of the locations is the air currents. The easy course has no turbulence, whilst the hard course requires a lot of give and take with the analogue sticks.

With loads of unique levels, a mission-based campaign mode, brilliant graphics and a rocking soundtrack, Sky Surfer looks like it's going to be one of the Extreme Sports titles for PlayStation 2.