id Software Develops New Team Based Mission Pack for Quake III Arena

Id And Activision Showcase Quake III: Team Arena at This Years E3.

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LONDON UK, - May 8, 2000 - Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) and id Software today announced the development of Quake III: Team Arena. The first mission pack to be developed by id Software since the Master Levels for Doom, this pack will bring advanced team play to Quake III Arena's insanely addictive deathmatch experience, and will make its debut at Activision's booth #646 in the South Hall at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Beyond classic team deathmatch and capture the flag, Quake III: Team Arena blends id's hallmark visceral frag fests with strategic cooperative team play. The pack will feature multiple gameplay modes where players will jockey for control of strategic areas and resources within the new maps designed specifically for team and tournament play. In one of the new game modes, "Harvester," teams compete for skulls that appear in the center of the arena when a player gets fragged. To claim victory, players must collect the skulls of fallen opponents and battle their way into the enemy stronghold. Team coordination and communication is critical in this delicate balance of offensive and defensive supremacy.

"Anyone who has enjoyed the fast paced, high energy battles in Quake III Arena is going to be instantly addicted to the mayhem in this mission pack," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO of id Software. "The new weapons, arenas and game types will make this addition a must have for any Quake III Arena fan."

"With Quake III Arena, id created the definitive deathmatch game," said Mitch Lasky, Executive Vice President of Activision Studios. "Only id could take Quake III Arena to the next level by developing a mission pack that melds their legendary gameplay with new advanced team play features."

In addition to new modes of play, Quake III: Team Arena will feature new weapons and power-ups that will make Quake III Arena more furious and viciously satisfying than ever. New team power-ups will allow players to take on unique class abilities. Players can choose to be one of these class types by grabbing a team power-up located at their base. Team power-ups are useable by a single player at a time, and last until the player's character is fragged. Once the player is fragged, the power-up again becomes available to the team. The team power-ups are located in each team's base and can only be used by that team. Power-ups include "Scout" (increased speed), and "Doubler" (increased damage).

Quake III Arena's already potent arsenal has been treated to a lethal makeover in the mission pack. The seminal nail gun will reappear in Quake III: Team Arena in its most wicked incarnation to date. A new proximity mine launcher will allow teams to reinforce strategic locations, and the notorious chain gun will reduce the opposing teams forces to chum.

To help clearly identify friends and foes alike, the mission pack will allow players to select from different teams, each with their own pre-designed logo and skin. Players can further customize their character with new male and female models, each with a number of unique heads to represent a different team member. A redesigned user interface and menu system will make game setup, team awareness and in-game communication even easier.

To play Quake III: Team Arena, players must have the original Quake III Arena installed; Microsoft Windows 9X or NT 4.0 with 100%-compatible computer system; Pentium 266 MHz processor with a 4MB Video Card or an AMD 350K6-2 processor with a 4MB Video Card; 64 MB RAM; quad-speed CD-ROM drive; 100% and a Sound Blaster-compatible sound card. Multiplayer gameplay is available through network and the Internet via IPX and TCP/IP.

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