4X4 Evolution

4x4 powers into evolutionary lanes with a ground-breaking online feature.

Posted by Staff
Not content to slam on the brakes at lavish graphics, completely
unrestricted racing environments and a truly dynamic landscape -
4x4 powers into evolutionary lanes with a ground-breaking online
feature that will allow PC, Dreamcast and Apple Mac users to
compete online in the ultimate platform contest!

Key Features:

Cross-platform online multi-player gameplay - PC, Dreamcast and MAC. The Dreamcast will support up to four players and the PC eight. The Dreamcast will also have split-screen versus mode. PC will ship with a course editor.

The new 3D engine was written for the Dreamcast and ported to the PC, allowing millions of polygons to be pushed into each platform. Vehicles will feature over 5000
polygons each. The course terrain is a continuous tessellating real-time surface and driver's heads will move and react to their car's movement.

16 varied courses to race across, from airfields to open deserts and mountain tracks. There is no 'right way' to the finish line - players have complete driving freedom - making checkpoints whichever way they choose, be it by following set
tracks or finding their own short cuts - cutting across and leaping over opponents!

Multiple playing modes include training, one-off racing, timed challenges and a career mode by which success brings prize money allowing you to customize your
racer or look towards buying a completely new set of wheels. Game design has concentrated on making the driving experience in each course ultra-realistic. Not only will conditions such as weather extremes and time of day factor in a race, but completely unique (and unexpected!) factors such as oncoming traffic, passing planes, wildlife and rolling tumbleweed will add further color to landscapes, making them as dynamic and 'live' as they graphically appear.

50+ officially licensed real world 4x4's will be available to drive - starting with a modified basic transporter, eventual modifications can transform it into an out and out racer. Use of digital photographs and vehicle schematics have ensured that the vehicles look as real as possible.

Driving what you want, where you want, how you want and against who you want!