Hit game maker Digital Extremes spins off second studio

Brainbox Games devoted to video game development for next generation game systems.

Posted by Staff
Hit game maker Digital Extremes spins off second studio
Digital Extremes, a leading interactive game development studio based in London, Ontario, Canada, and best known for its co-creation of the Unreal franchise, today announced the opening of a second studio in Toronto. The new studio, called Brainbox Games, will focus specifically on game development for the next generation video game systems and is currently in production with its first title.

With the industry's transition to more technologically powerful console systems, Digital Extremes is using its current knowledge of these systems as well as its hard-earned experience and reputation in PC games to hit the ground running in the console games arena with Brainbox Games.

"It's a very exciting time in our industry," said James Schmalz, founder and creative director of both Digital Extremes and Brainbox Games. "Historically PC games have been graphically and technically superior to console games because the console systems out there didn't have the technical capacity of a PC. But with the new video game systems, console games are finally catching up and we're now able to utilize our years of PC experience and talent to make really impressive games across every platform."

Schmalz added, "Digital Extremes has built a very strong reputation for developing superior game experiences and Brainbox Games will continue this tradition on the next generation video game systems."

Digital Extremes gained experience with the next generation game systems when they co-developed Unreal Tournament for PlayStation 2 and currently they are developing Unreal Championship for Xbox. Following the release of Unreal Championship Digital Extremes will return its focus to PC games and Brainbox Games will take up the reins of next generation video game development for the two studios. Brainbox Games' first title is currently in production and is already being courted by several top publishers. More details on the game will soon be released.