Bungie Readies Abuse For Mac Gamers.

Bungie Software takes great pleasure in announcing the forthcoming release of the Macintosh version of Abuse.

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Bungie Readies Abuse For Mac Gamers.

CHICAGO—June 15, 1996—Bungie Software takes great pleasure in announcing the forthcoming release of the Macintosh version of Abuse, developed by Crack dot Com. This game represents Bungie’s first foray into publishing third-party titles, and is the first example of the many excellent games which will be coming to Mac gamers under the Bungie label.

Abuse will open the eyes of any gamer who thinks they’ve seen it all in side-scrolling action. The game’s smooth and instinctive Point-and-Kill interface uses the mouse to aim and fire in a 360˚ radius, which is critical to surviving lightning-fast attacks that come from every direction. Fast and fluid animation brings the player character to life as he runs, jumps, climbs, falls and flies through over 30 levels of fiendish traps and brutal combat.

Falsely accused and imprisoned in a high-security facility, players find themselves in a shadowy underworld of industrial corridors, caverns and sewers where a mysterious biogenetic plague has transformed everyone around them into ravening, inhuman monsters. With a suit of powered armor and any weapons they can find, they must reach the deepest level of the prison before the plague spreads.

Amidst eerie silences punctuated by the rumble of machinery and blood-curdling shrieks of mutants, the player must blast through walls, floors and ceilings in search of weapons and powerups. A creatively lethal arsenal including such goodies as the Plasma Gun, Napalm Bombs and the Death Sabre are key to surviving the assault. Powerups include jet packs, turbo boost and invisibility, which can pull players out of a tight spot, or help them dominate the net game.

Abuse guarantees long-lasting play with a built-in Level Editor, for an endless variety of do-it-yourself levels, and 8-player networking for the visceral joy of wiping the floor with your friends and co-workers. New to the Macintosh version is a high-res introductory sequence, easy installation, configurable keys, a streamlined interface, support for AppleTalk and TCP/IP protocols, and new display options.

Bungie Software is a corporation dedicated to the production of outstanding, immersive electronic games that surpass the boundaries of conventional technology and provide compelling and highly repeatable play. Since 1991, Bungie's games have helped customers avoid work, put their personal lives in stasis and test their self-esteem—and in the end they know it was worth it.

Crack dot Com, founded in 1994, made its name with the shareware version of Abuse for the PC. An instant hit online, the retail version went on to receive excellent reviews, and a screenplay based on the game is now in development in conjuction with Endymion Films and writer James Robinson. Now with a larger staff and offices, the Crack development team is busy with their next project "The Undocumented Conflict".

Abuse requires a Macinsoth with a 68040 or faster processor, 8-bit (256) color monitor, System 7 or later, 4 megabytes of free RAM and a CD-ROM drive. Abuse is accelerated for Power Macintosh. With a suggested retail price of $69.99, Abuse will be available this summer at local retail stores, through mail order catalogs, and can be ordered directly from Bungie Software: (800-295-0060) or www.bungie.com.