Prepare Yourself For Sacrifice!

Interplay Entertainment Corp. officially announced today its newest upcoming blockbuster title ? Sacrifice?.

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Prepare Yourself for Sacrifice.

IRVINE, California, April 13, 2000 ? Interplay Entertainment Corp. officially announced today its newest upcoming blockbuster title ? Sacrifice?. This revolutionary new breed of computer game will blend 3D real-time strategy with strong elements of action and role playing, all entwined with multi-player online capabilities.

Developed by Shiny Entertainment, the team that has produced such highly acclaimed hits as Earthworm Jim?, MDK?, and Messiah?, Sacrifice will open up an entirely new experience for gamers. Playing the part of a powerful wizard attempting to appease one of five gods, the user will roam huge landscapes engaging in multiplayer battles, all the while casting powerful spells and summoning monstrous creatures.
"Sacrifice is a truly epic adventure that will blur the lines between multiple genres," stated the President of Shiny, David Perry. "Gamers will absolutely be blown away by the look and feel of this title. It?s a multi-player?s dream come true."

A total of 55 unique creatures await the Sacrifice gamer, not to mention seemingly countless spells and wizardry. Additionally, hordes of characters are able to do battle with no slowdown in frame rate. Imagine a new weather system that can be controlled through magic, pouring rains of fire or devastating earthquakes which permanently alter the battlefield beneath your enemy?s feet. However, it?s the gathering of opponent?s souls and sacrificing them at your altar, that can ultimately change the complexion of a given confrontation.

Players will also be pleased to learn that Sacrifice contains one of the easiest level editing tools ever created for the pc, allowing for completely customized and unique battles in both single and multi-player games. This will enhance the already impressive environment, which permits the player to see for miles without walls or fog.
Sacrifice will be prominently displayed at the Interplay booth during this year?s upcoming E3. The title is currently being developed for Windows® 95/98/00 and is expected to be released winter, 2000.
Founded in 1993, Shiny Entertainment has established itself as one of the most original, fresh and successful developers in the world. A subsidiary of Interplay Entertainment Corp., Shiny Entertainment is headquartered in Laguna Beach, California. More comprehensive information on Shiny and its products is available through its worldwide web site at The Sacrifice web site is also expected to soon go live at