Philippe Ulrich

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It was through music that Philippe Ulrich heard the call of information processing.

In 1980, he programmed the first games of the Sinclair ZX 80 (Panic, Othello). Faced with this success, along with Emmanuel Viau, he founded the first French game publisher: ERE Informatique.

This company went on to produce some thirty international hits such as Macadam Bumper, Crafton and Xunk, Teenage Queen, Bubble Ghost, Purple Saturn Day, Crash Garret, Kult.

In 1985, Captain Blood was elected best game of the year and ranked top seller in the USA.

In 1986, he created the EXXOS label.

In 1989, he linked up with Rémi Herbulot, Virgin Games USA for which they produced Dune, based on the work by Frank Herbert.

In 1992, he created CRYO Interactive Entertainment along with Jean-Martial Lefranc and Rémi Herbulot.

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