3DO Ships Legends of Might and Magic

Online team combat goes medieval!

Posted by Staff
The 3DO Company today announced that its Legends of Might and Magic game for PC has shipped to retail outlets throughout North America and online shopping sites. The Legends of Might and Magic game combines classic Might and Magic settings with the LithTech 3D engine to provide a first-person, team-based multiplayer gaming experience never before seen in the Might and Magic universe.

The Legends of Might and Magic game, developed by New World Computing, a division of The 3DO Company, is designed around fast-paced team play for up to sixteen players via free play over the Internet or LAN. Competitors choose to fight on the side of Good or Evil, and in any given scenario must work together with their teammates to complete their objective before the other team does. Players choose from 4 distinct game objectives, including Rescue the Princess, Slay the Dragon, and Sword in the Stone.

Competing against other human players insures that strategies and tactics must constantly evolve if players want to succeed, and in addition to the human-controlled teams, many scenarios will include computer-controlled monsters that stand in the way of both teams. Twenty game maps ensure hours and hours of action.

"Over the years of developing Might and Magic games, it's always been a dream of mine to develop a multi-player action game set in this universe, " said Jon Van Caneghem, president and founder of New World Computing. "With the Legends of Might Magic game comes the realization of this dream. I hope that action gamers and Might and Magic fans have as much fun playing the game as we did making and testing it."

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