Behind The Scenes Of Z: Steel Soldiers

And one or two other things, courtesy of GN UK.

Posted by Staff
Game Network is broadcasting an in-depth feature on the making of the award-winning Z: Steel Soldiers this week along with an interview of the making of Diablo II: The Lord of Destruction in the second in a series of programmes filmed in the UK and produced in Milan.

GN UK talks to Mike Montgomery, of the Bitmap Brothers, and gets the verdict on Z: Steel Soldiers, published on June 8th by EON Digital Entertainment, from PC Zone’s Richie Shoemaker during the interview broadcast on Sky digital channel 223.

The programme also features an exclusive interview with Bill Roper, of Blizzard Entertainment, talking about the making of long-awaited Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, and a look at a recent LAN challenge featuring Legends of Might and Magic from 3DO.

This week’s programme will appear from Monday June 4. The start times for GN UK are 0400, 0800, 14.30, 18.30 and 22.30 BST.

Game Network has plans for much more, including a series of special reports on E3 this week, and in the future Ryan Moos talking about Disney's new game based on the summer blockbuster Atlantis, and the launch of Codemaster's Operation Flashpoint.