Rare Adopt Escape Studios Online CG Course

· Games legend Rare gives industry approval to Escape's ground-breaking online course

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Rare Adopt Escape Studios Online CG Course
London, 3rd October 2008: Escape Studios today announce that Rare, one of the world's foremost games companies has adopted Escapes' new online CG course to form part of the companies continued professional development for employees. It is based on Autodesk's® award winning Maya® software.

In an ever demanding industry it's almost impossible for teams to follow the latest updates and revisions of software and have knowledge across such a broad depth of tools. By adopting the online Escape course Rare will now be able to keep its staff up to date and implement different learning initiatives without the need for DVD resources.

Escape's commercial director Mark Cass says, "It's vital that an artist can get information quickly, when they really need it. The search functionality enables users to easily find what they are looking for, learn what they need and get back to the job in hand. In a working environment the ability to give up hours in training just isn't possible all the time".

This has been echoed by Rare's Head of Art, Lee Musgrave, "It took a proper evaluation of the system to appreciate the depth of the content. Escape has covered lots of ground in depth, and the in-built Q&A system takes the learning experience beyond any other delivery mechanism. The online course will enable many of our artists to get a much more rounded view of Maya®. Having people 'knowing' other aspects of the software can be very powerful for us. The course solves many training issues for us here at Rare and we are excited about all the new courses currently in development at Escape".

The computer graphics school, which is responsible for training some of the world's best animators and Oscar® winning CG artists, is now hoping this partnership with Rare will help bridge the gap between the competitive games industry and students.

New courses that will soon be available from Escape Studios include new courses in VFX, ZBrush, Animation, Characters and Games.

As an introductory offer for the next three months Maya® Core can be bought from Escape Studios for a special price of £999 for individual users.

Rare is one of the world's leading video game developers and the mastermind behind some of the most popular video games ever created including "GoldenEye 007," "Perfect Dark®" and "Donkey Kong 64. Its next big Xbox 360 release will be "Banjo Kazooie - Nuts & Bolts."

For a free trial of Escape's CG Online animation course visit: www.escapestudios.com