Sold Out Onwards and Upwards!

Incredible sales success continues for 4.99 label.

Posted by Staff
Sold Out's dominance of the PC budget sector has been affirmed with the release of incredible sales figures for key releases from the 4.99 label.

With Microsoft announcing that its Age of Empires title has sold 39,400 copies in 68 weeks, Sold Out can go one step further with even more impressive figures for FOUR of its releases. Sold Out's 4.99 release of the original Tomb Raider has sold 43,543 units in 36 weeks, while Flight Unlimited has passed the 41,400 mark in the 56 weeks since release.

Revolution's highly regarded adventure title Broken Sword 2 has also flourished as a 4.99 release, amassing 39,000 sales in 58 weeks, while Sold Out's budget debut for 3DO's original Army Men title has now notched up 38,905 copies in just 49 weeks.

The figures come as Sold Out continues its push to offer consumers high quality games for pocket money prices. Sold Out's unrivalled reputation for user-friendliness and customer support has recently seen supermarket giants Asda and Tesco adopt the range across their UK stores, while the label has also added enviable titles such as TOCA, Micro Machines V3, Resident Evil and Tomb Raider 2 to its product range.

"These figures prove what we have known all along - that good, affordable games will sell and sell," said Sold Out Managing Director Garry Williams. "But this is just the beginning and we look forward to even more success with a wealth of strong releases during 2001/2."