3DO Announces Dragon Wars Of Might and Magic For Playstation2 Computer Entertainment System

Award winning brand will bring intense highflying action into homes.

Posted by Staff
The 3DO Company today announced the planned release of the Dragon Wars of Might and Magic game this fall, exclusively for the PlayStation2 computer entertainment system. The first aerial-based adventure game in the Might and Magic universe will immerse gamers into the exhilarating and awe-inspiring fantasyland of a new hero and dragon character, Cael. The Dragon Wars of Might and Magic game brings to life a compelling story with intriguing character development that takes players to the skies in a world of monsters and magical beings.

The Dragon Wars of Might and Magic game is a heroic story of revenge and redemption. For centuries, the Orcs have enslaved the dragon race in order to extract a powerful substance called Zeenium. This element provides dragons with their primary strength and fire breathing ability. Now the destiny of the entire dragon race hangs in the balance as they edge toward unequivocal extinction. A young shackled Cael is in the grips of death as he approaches extermination above a molten pit. Fate intervenes as a sprite named Adara helps Cael break free from bondage, allowing him to seek vengeance against the villainous Orc bureaucracy and to fight for the freedom of his brethren.

Utilising the PlayStation 2 technology, an all-new game engine will create 16 unique and stunningly photo-realistic environments. Addictive and visually spectacular aerial gameplay will provide a rich and entertaining experience for players. Cinema quality FMV (Full Motion Video) sequences seamlessly blend the storyline and missions. To crush his enslavers, Cael can use 32 unique dragon attacks and magical powers to strike against the Orcs. Additionally, Cael can swoop down and grab enemies in his mighty claws, ram objects with his powerful head, or use his crushing jaws to devour foes.

"Dragon Wars creates a sense of empowerment and accomplishment as the gamer explores this compelling new fantasy adventure," says Trip Hawkins, chairman and CEO of The 3DO Company. "The gripping tale of an underdog hero conquering overwhelming odds will propel the player from one crusade to the next."

The Dragon Wars of Might and Magic game will deliver nonstop excitement with 16 action packed single player and cooperative campaign levels. Giving great depth and variety to the game is its full 3D flight controls with over 20 specialized dragon manoeuvres including barrel rolls, loops and other dragon tricks. Six head-to-head multiplayer levels, such as "Dragon Duel" and "Feeding Frenzy," offer the consumer unlimited hours of entertainment.