Pan Interactive Takes On The Global Publishing Rights Of Long Awaited Real Time Space Combat Strategy Game.

Four races, choose your fleet, choose your alliance, you're the tactician - the command is yours!

Posted by Staff
PAN Interactive today announced the June 22nd 2001 PC CD release of Simon & Schuster Interactive's critically acclaimed real-time tactical strategy game based on revolutionary space combat- Dominion Wars (£29.99), adapted from the internationally successful Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television series.

Published worldwide by PAN Interactive, excluding America, where the game will be published by Simon & Schuster, PAN have yet to confirm a British distributor for the game.

"We proved that we were on to a winner with the release of last year's Star Trek Deep Space Nine game - The Fallen," says CEO of PAN Interactive, Henrik Eklund. "The response was great on the continent and the amount of positive scores the game received in the UK PC press like PC Zone, PC Gameplay, PC Format and PC Gamer, was fantastic. Since then we have been inundated with queries as to when Gizmo's Dominion Wars will see the light of day. Now we're proud to announce the game will finally be released worldwide on June 22nd."

Real space combat, Real Star Trek®, Real-time tactical strategy. Dominion Wars delivers an unprecedented array of ships, weapons and special effects. Pick your fleet, recruit your commanders and throw yourself into the fray of the most explosive space battles you're ever likely to encounter.

Dominion Wars is an explosive real-time strategy game based on the last two seasons of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine® television series. Now for the first time, you can experience every photon blast and phase strike as you campaign through each and every intergalactic struggle.

Immerse yourself in the Dominion War as it pits an alliance of the Federation and it's Klingon allies against the Cardassians and invading Dominion fleets in a prolonged and costly battle for control of the Alpha Quadrant.

Raging through the final two seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Dominion War pitted an alliance of the Federation and Klingons against the Cardassians and invading Dominion fleets in a prolonged and costly battle for control of the Alpha Quadrant.

Now you can join this epic struggle across 20 challenging missions between four intergalactic races - Federation, Klingon, Cardassian or Jem'Hadar - as you take tactical, strategic and navigational command of any one of the four battling forces. With unprecedented access to all facets of space combat, Each mission of Dominion Wars challenges YOU to decide who will ultimately live or die.

Command up to six ships simultaneously. Choose your fleet from more than twenty different classes of starships, including several original, never-before-seen ship designs created exclusively for the game. Officially sanctioned by Paramount, these include the Jem'Hader Strike Cruiser, the Kilingon K'Vort Cha', and the Cardassian Hutet Warship classes.

Film quality special effect include detailed explosions, individualised weapons effects, large scale spatial anomalies such as the Badlands and even animated phaser-rings on all Starfleet starships, just like they appear on the TV series. All ships display multiple levels of damage states, from minor hull scarring to full hull breach. Warp nacelles vent plasma and can even be destroyed.

Each ship is programmed with artificial intelligence and is fine-tuned to behave appropriately for its size, capabilities and origin. Klingon ships fight to the bitter end, avoiding the dishonor of defeat and capture at all cost. Federation ships exhibit the technological prowness of Federation science and the renowned skill of Starfleet's finest officers. Cardassian ships are ruthless and cunning; Dominion ships cold and calculatingly brutal - and as a last resort the Jem'Hadar fighters will even ram their opponents in a suicidal manoeuvre

Dominion Wars Features:

Build up to six ships from more than 20 missions spread across three different campaigns and four races: Federation, Klingon, Cardassian and Jem'Hadar.

Players can construct their fleet and groom their captains from twenty different classes of starship including Star Trek fan favourites like the Defiant, Galaxy and Sovereign classes - as well as several original, never-before-seen ship designs created exclusively for Dominion Wars.

Instantaneously toggle between different views: The game has a breathtaking and fully playable cinematic animation, or a more traditional, isometric strategic view.

Each mission is designed with multiple objectives. This enables players to overcome challenges and devise the tactical strategy for ultimate victory.

Includes several multiplayer scenarios for Internet and LAN play, such as Starbase attack/defend. Up to eight online gamers can simultaneously play from the point-of-view of any one of the four races - Federation, Klingon, Cardassian or Jem'Hadar.

A scalable and adjustable miniature on-screen map provides a schematic view of the entire battle sector, and even rotates to align itself with battle mode ships for precise orientation even during the fiercest dogfights!

Players can check the status of their ships at any time. Thumbnail display reviews commanding officers, damage states, strength and condition of shields, relative power and resource allocations.

Detailed ship controls are laid out in an intuitive, modular fashion for quick and easy access to customize parameters, including the helm modules (impulse and warp drive) and forward and aft-shields.

Users of Starship Creator Warp II can import their custom-designed Defiant, Galaxy, Akira and Klingon B'Rel/Bird-of-Prey designs, along with their captains, then employ them in multiplayer battles.