Best Seller Series

The best games ever to appear at budget price in May from Sierra and Blizzard.

Posted by Staff
Few games are known as the best games ever. Hits you can play forever and that always give you the same enjoyment.

Enjoy 8 selected titles from Sierra and Blizzard studios from Vivendi Universal Publishing, that surpassed all others, in the new Best Seller Series launching in May, on budget, in the UK.

- Starcraft + Broodwar, a revolution in the real time strategy game, set in a sci-fi world : the original game and its expansion Broodwar has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide!
- Diablo, the game that defined a new genre with over 2 million copies sold : roleplaying-adventure-action. Will you be brave enough to fight Diablo?
- Warcraft 2 Battle Net Edition, with over 3 million copies sold, Warcraft 2 has made gaming history. Orcs versus Humans, a real time strategy game in a fantasy world. (Original game and its expansion)

- Pharaoh, from the award winning city building series with more than half a million copies sold. The Egyptian civilisation is yours to build.
- Homeworld, enjoy the 3D, real-time strategy, space combat game.
- Gabriel Knight 3, a 3D adventure game full of mystery and intrigue, set in France. Solve one of the most mysterious real-life mysteries of all times.
- Grand Prix Legends, an Formula One simulator using historical cars and tracks.
- Caesar 3, Build the city of your dream in the ancient Roman Empire.
- Swat 3, join the SWAT, the elite force of the L.A. police, in different rescue missions, all in a top 3D real-environment.

The Best Seller Series will allow all people to enjoy only top-quality games that have been played by millions worldwide.

The Best Seller Series will launch in May, in DVD format packaging, with 8 value for money titles.