Motor Mayhem

The ultimate Gladiator vehicle combat for the next millennium roars to life on the Sony PS2.

Posted by Staff
Welcome to the world of Motor Mayhem - the home of the craziest in-your-face, adrenaline pumping, gladiator vehicle combat sport.

Go head-to-head with the meanest, roughest, and downright nastiest opponents ever as you fight for the title of the Supreme Champion of the league. With the deadliest vehicles, over-the-top weapons and power-ups, and a completely destructible environment, Motor Mayhem is only for the baddest of the bad.

Are you ready for it? Get in gear then!

Key Features:

Compelling animated in-game characters with unique personalities, vehicles, weapons and special attacks relating to their individual storylines.

Jaw-dropping 3D environments, graphics, animation and special effects.

Completely interactive, destructible game arenas with in-game streaming video and residual damage effects.

Marvel as you rip your opponents vehicle to shreds using Motor Mayhems exclusive real-time deformable geometry techonology!

Ass-kicking arsenal of weaponry including cruise missiles, heavy artillery, mines, and more.

2 to 4 player split-screen multiplayer game-play.

Top soundtrack, giving you a full movie style action experience.

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