Kids Interactive Community coming to the UK

We are very glad to announce that the BBC has recently licensed our kids interactive community software for use in their programs throughout the UK

Posted by Staff
Kid.s Interactive Community (K.I.C.) is a cross media concept that has proven to be a massive success in Belgium.

In K.I.C children make all kinds of creations in an online 3D game environment and send it to the broadcaster. The broadcaster uses these creations throughout its kids programming. The 3D game environment can be modified by the broadcaster at will, allowing for dedicated advertising and plenty of new initiatives.

K.I.C. has been co-developed with the VRT (Belgium.s national broadcaster) and was released by the VRT at the end of 2004 in the form of Ketnet Kick. Since then it has steadily been breaking all kinds of records, reaching over a hundred thousand players in Belgium. The most rewarding achievements were the kids themselves voting it the best game of 2004 & 2005, giving it the Kids award twice.

Says Swen Vincke, managing director of Larian Studios, "The success of the Belgian version of K.I.C. has been phenomenal, beating all of our expectations. The possibilities offered by K.I.C..s unique feedback loop are enormous and we look forward to see if we.ll enjoy the same level of success in the UK, and indeed other territories."

The BBC version of K.I.C. will be fully customized for the UK audience.

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